Montag, 30. März 2020

V.A. The Cordelia Sampler

V.A. The Cordelia Sampler
Cordelia Records

Noch ein Cordelia Records Sampler.
A Seite
01.The Disappearance Of The Guard Dog (The Deep Freeze Mice)
02.Ministry Of Heat (Jung Analysts)
03.War, Children, The West (Mr. Concept)
04.A Ten Legged Beast (The Deep Freeze Mice)
05.Fireball Xa 5 (Yukio Yung)
06.Buffy & Jody (Zoogz Rift)
07. God (Jung Analysts)
08.The Unpronouncable (The Deep Freeze Mice)
09.More Red Indian (Chris Sievey)
B Seite
10.Do Wonders To MeTacky Travel Tune (Rimarimba)
11.Filaments (Mr. Concept)
12.My Favorite Rat Bag (Yukio Yung)
13.Inside (C.W. Vrtacek)
14.The Rat Dance (The Deep Freeze Mice)
15.Art Band (Zoogz Rift)
16.Steady State (Rimarimba)
17.Silence (C.W. Vrtacek)
18.Sedes Sapientiae (Leven Sign)
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